What is Quick Energy

  • B-Vitamins for energy. Essential for protein/carbohydrate conversion and muscle oxygenation

  • Amino Acids for focus and better mood. Stimulating central neural pathways to heighten mental alertness and elevate mood

  • Antioxidants for improved vitality

  • No Sugar means no insulin spike, and no heavy “crash” feeling later unlike traditional energy drinks

  • Just 5 calories – Use Quick Energy whenever you need to and not worry about “empty calories”

  • Quick Energy is an Energy Supplement, designed to be taken when you need it most, providing up to 6 hours of energy

  • Quick Energy contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as a cup of premium coffee providing an instant mental and physical energy boost.



When to Use Quick Energy?

Sport: Use Quick Energy 15 minutes before sport or fitness for optimal performance. Or, recharge at your lowest point during competition to bring you back to your best.  The blend of b-vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine provides athletic performance enhancement, focus and endurance without the insulin spike and “crash”.

On the Move: Use Quick Energy when on the road for alertness, wakefulness and concentration. Designed for consumption at room temperatures, a 59ml quick energy can be stored in your glove box for easy   access in the time of need.

At Work: Use Quick Energy when you are at your most tired during the day to bring you back to your sharpest. Try it just after lunch, or before a long night at the office. The b-vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants give your body the boost that it needs to stay focused and energised throughout the day.

To Study: Use Quick Energy to give you extended periods of alertness and concentration. The caffeine in quick energy™ will give you an instant boost in focus, while amino acids.



Sleep drink

 “A great tasting all-natural functional shot offering alternative solution in a zero calorie, consumable package. Not a pill or bad tasting”

A consumer study administered by Ayton Global Research in 2011 showed: After taking Quick Sleep, 3 out of 4 consumers ‘”felt sleepy” and “enjoyed a good night’s, restful sleep”. Nearly 100% slept for at least 7 hours, nearly 50% for at least 8 hours.

Sleeplessness or lack of sleep is one of the biggest health conditions globally it is also a major contributing factor effecting other major health conditions. In Australia 31% of all adult Australians can be diagnosed with a sleep condition with 8.9% diagnosed as chronic*. More generally this condition at worst is very common. Needless to say Quick Sleep is specifically packaged to appeal to this vast market segment. Quick Sleep is a Supplemented Food, scientifically proven to work^, great tasting and as a liquid is fast acting. Take Quick Sleep about half an hour before you want to sleep and you will find “It works like a dream”. It really works!