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Tiko Lighters



For over 8 years, Peleguy Distribution has been a proud owner of a highly sought after brand of Jet Lighters – TIKO. Here, inside the TIKO family, we know a few things about exciting and effective jet lighters as well as new to the market USB Lighters

As well as being the Director of Peleguy Distribution for over 15 years, I have also been in the Petrol & Convenience industry for over 24 years. Before TIKO was created, Peleguy Distribution was an exclusive distributor of another brand of Jet lighters for almost 11 years, supplying 3 out of 7 states in Australia. Having the experience for that many years gave us a good perspective of what it is that the consumer wants and what the market is missing. There was a growing demand for a wider range of quality Jet lighters. We realised that there were many things that could be improved in the current range available on the market so we decided to act upon the idea and create our own brand.

 Our main mission was to:

• Bring something new and exciting to the market;

• Create a better quality product;

• Satisfy a demand for a lighter that looks better, does the job better, while being safe;

• Have a variety of lighters, from classic and familiar to funky and innovative, to appeal to all generations;

• Supply a range of TIKO Premium Jet lighters (TK1000+) to grip the attention of mature and adventurous customers.

And this is how TIKO was born.

Currently we have over 70 different kinds of lighters in stock. We constantly increase the range of TIKO Lighters and recently we came out to the market with our latest selection of TIKO USB Lighters (TK2000+) which became an instant success. And for our most sophisticated customers we have TIKO USB Double ARC (TK2500) packaged in a beautifully designed gift box.

TIKO brand was born with a lot of passion and desire to excel in the market and, without a doubt, has become the number one leading brand of Jet lighters and USB lighters in Australia and it is here to stay.



Yaniv Peleg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Director, Peleguy Distribution Pty Ltd.